Ours is a thirty years experience and counts a success after another due to the peculiarity of the selections, based on the quality of hides and their relevance to the needs of the market. We offer ourselves as partners specialized for those who work in the production of clothing, accessories and leather shoes. By partnering with the biggest names of clothing, footwear and leather goods, we have accumulated a unique knowledge that allows us to create successful partnerships with companies that seek excellence in the production of leather products. Our work is characterized by flexibility, speed in responding to customer needs, and utmost care in meeting their demands. We are attentive to the evolution of fashion and to satisfy and surprise the market with new products and ideas.

The company EMILIO VIETRI – LEATHER BROKER ORGANIZATION SRL is located in Montoro Inferiore, near Naples, in Italy, and operates in leather industry since 1984, concentrating its production in Solofra, famous tanning center, among the best known and appreciated around the world. The company imposed over the years as one of the greatest landmarks in the leather industry, basing its strength on the ability to provide both articles of clothing, but also and especially for leather goods and footwear, which met and meet the required specifications and requirements of customers more and more projected towards the fashion industry that is constantly evolving.

The company’s strength is based primarily on the expertise of those who work inside it, either in the technical department, specifically, or in the one concerning the internal management of the offices, where the “must” is to meet, monitor and inform the customer constantly, about all his requests and needs, but also in relation to the speed with which the customer is assisted during the ordering and shipments. The merchandise, in the meantime is constantly monitored by engineers, and at the time of the shipment, rigidly inspected to verify that all the demands and specific customer’s requirements are satisfied.
The company also takes advantage of the valuable assistance of international partners located in some areas of strategic importance for the leather industry, and specifically a correspondent in Istanbul, Turkey, a correspondent in Hong Kong China, and a correspondent in Barcelona, Spain. These partners besides to follow continuously the customers on the place, are also in constant daily contact with offices in Italy.

Regarding the domestic market, as suppliers, company is present in the regions of Tuscany, Marche and Emilia Romagna. Another point of pride for the way it  operates, is to choose and sell leather products that are manufactured in complete compliance with EU regulations on environmental protection.