Skins for Clothing

From the fabric to its full expression! Emilio Vietri Leather Broker Organization offers the best solutions for your needs in leather clothing field.

Skins for Accessories

Creativity finds its best expression in accessories. In fact, the latter are led out from the boundaries which determine their traditional use. Indeed, your accessory will be exalted by the beauty of our leather.

Skins for Shoes

The great quality and the ongoing research aimed to improve each detail, have led us to introduce onto the market particular skins. Eventually, these new items will help you in creating your own products in order to express your creativity at best.


The company EMILIO VIETRI – LEATHER BROKER ORGANIZATION SRL is located in Montoro Inferiore, near Naples, in Italy, and operates in leather industry since 1984, concentrating its production in Solofra, famous tanning center, among the best known and appreciated around the world.


Ours is a thirty years experience and counts a success after another due to the peculiarity of the selections, based on the quality of hides and their relevance to the needs of the market. We offer ourselves as partners specialized for those who work in the production of clothing, accessories and leather shoes.


Our work is characterized by flexibility, speed in responding to our customers’ needs, and utmost care in meeting their demands. We are attentive to the evolution of fashion and to satisfy and surprise the market with new products and ideas.

Experience and a broad range of products to meet any project or request.